This is the page where the FAQ items are displayed.


  • Is Vascobelo Covid-Friendly?

    In a world affected by COVID-19, gathering people together and hosting events has required us to make significant adjustments to ensure the safety and protection of employees, staff, and visitors. These measures include:

    - Cleaning and sanitising in all areas,
    - Physical distancing, including capacity guidelines and one-way routes with minimal crossover points,
    - Mask covering that are worn by all employees. It is recommended that people wear face masks in confined public spaces. We recommend that all visitors to our sites bring a face covering with them,
    - QR Code checks that all visitors must present at their arrival

  • What type of venue can I hold?

    We are proud to offer you a venue that would suit any event. Some of our most popular bookings include:

    - Business Meetings (Seminars, training workshops, board meetings, sales meetings, group discussion, annual meetings, product launches or brainstorming sessions..)
    - Birthdays 
    - Graduation parties
    - Baby shower
    - Charity events
    - Rehearsal dinners

  • How can I book a room?

    To book a room, simply select your preferred location and fill in the form. Our team will contact you shortly to confirm your booking. 

  • Can we bring food and beverages to the meeting room?

    Vascobelo is very happy to provide food and beverages. You can ask for our Groups Menu where we offer award-winning coffee, tea and healthy drinks as well as handmade food of the highest quality to accompany you during your meeting or event.

  • Can I book a venue for multiple days?

    Yes. As long as there isn't another booking planned, you are more than welcome to book a venue for multiple days in a row. Contact us to see the availability of the room. 

  • Can we come and view your facilities?

    Of course! We are more than happy to welcome you beforehand to show you our venues. Simply contact us via groups@vascobelo.com so that we can plan an appoitment together, give you a tour and answer all your questions. 

  • How long in advance do I need to book a meeting room?

    All meeting room bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. Ideally, we recommend you to make a reservation at leat two days in advance to give us enough time to prepare for you the optimal Vascobelo Experience. Of course, Vascobelo is a place where you are always welcome. Therefore in case of a last minute event, please contact us and our team will do its best to provide you with the best service. 

    You can always contact us to check on the availability of the room. 


  • How many people can fit in the meeting room?

    The number of guests depend on the nature of your event as we will adapt the setting accordingly. You can opt for cabaret or theatre layout, boardroom or U-shape. Tell us about your meeting and we will tailor the room appropriately to give your space enough space. 

  • Are the venues wheelchair friendly?

    Yes. Our venues are accessible, although some rooms and spaces are restricted. Please contact our team for more information.

  • What is NOT provided?

    Although we do our best for your event to run smoothly, we do not provide the following:

    - Conference phone system or software 
    - Beamer 
    - LCD
    - Web/conferencing cameras
    - Printers

  • What are your cancellation fee?

    If you have booked a group arrangement but can not make it, a cancellation fee will apply. Find below the perfecentages based on the days before the planned event:

    14+ days 0%
    14-7 days 25%
    7-3 days 50%
    3-0 days 75%

    Above rates are based on the conditions of the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, article 9.3.1.

  • What if I go over my reserved time or add additional services during my meeting? Do I pay for those on-site?

    You are welcome to stay past your reserved time, as long as there isn't another booking scheduled after yours and that you don’t stay past the business hours of the location. We are very flexible and will add the charge for the additional time to your booking afterwards.

  • What is provided in the meeting room?

    What we provided depends on the nature of the event you want to host. 

    Generally, we will provide you with chairs, tables, restrooms, Wifi, beverages of all kinds. We have also tailored a menu to accompany you during your meeting or event, that combines award winning coffee, tea and healthy drinks as well as handmade food of the highest quality. We can cater for every dietary requirement including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.