About us


Antwerp is the home of Vascobelo and also the city with the most extensive coffee stock. Our history goes back to Father De Roeck, who always has been a coffee aficionado and also best friends to a famous coffee trader in the Port of Antwerp. Due to this friendship, the family was continuously supplied with freshly roasted coffee from the best estates around the world.


Always having this stunning coffee in the house, his sons have known the aroma of high-quality coffee from a very young age. It is, therefore, not a surprise that De Roeck’s son Marc De Roeck founded Vascobelo 27 years ago and developed the award-winning blend: the Vascobelo “Le Roi”. Because of our Belgian heritage and roots, Vascobelo is a Belgian coffee company although the name suggests otherwise.

When Marc founded Vascobelo, Italian coffee was considered as the best coffee in the world. In hope to profit from the success of Italian coffee, the brand was named Vascobelo.

However, when Marc’s elder brother, Jan De Roeck, took over the helm in 2012, he soon realized that Vascobelo is a proud Belgian brand. The journey of the Vascobelo brand started with our great love for coffee, but the journey continues.

We thought deeply about Vascobelo’s DNA, what we stand for, and how we could maximise our customers’ satisfaction when preparing our award-winning coffee beans at home.

Instead of telling our customers what to do, we decided to build our own version of the ‘ideal’ Vascobelo Coffee experience. This decision marked the birth of our Café-Brasseries. Today, our Vascobelo Café-Brasseries are popular places where friends meet, feel at home, and get a glimpse of some of the things we stand for. Warmth, inclusiveness, laid-back sophistication, and fun.